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Born in North-East France in 1995, Etienne Manchon is a young pianist based in Toulouse (South-West France). Dedicated to jazz and so-called "new music", Etienne has already played more than 400 gigs in France and abroad (Germany, Poland, Chad, Spain), as leader and sideman in a stunning versatility of styles, from opera to heavy metal.  Based on his numerous experiences, Etienne builds his own artistic universe, where progressive rock and experimental music meet French 20th century classical composers and jazz greats.

Heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, discovered at 15, he is also inspired by the incredible keyboard player Jozef Dumoulin and the amazing NYC scene (Ben Wendel, Mark Guiliana, Taylor Eigsti).
Using rhythm as his main playground, Etienne develops in parallel a keen sense of melody while paying particular attention to sound processing.

In 2014, at age 19, he records his first demo as a leader with his open-fusion band EMQ. Since December 2016, Etienne is on tour with his trio, in a more acoustic mood, with a slight electric touch in the use of the Fender Rhodes. Their debut album Elastic Borders is out in February 2019.
In 2020, he created the duo Congé Spatial with saxophonist Pierre Lapprand. This duo quickly drawed attention, and their debut album is awaited in early 2023.

Aside from his activities in the jazz world, Etienne accompanies on a regular basis lyric singers. Among others, we can mention mezzo-soprano Aude Extrémo (ADAMI classical revelation), young baritone Philippe Estèphe (Cologne Opera, Opéra-Comique, Opéra Bastille), baroque ensemble Lyra and professional choir Dulci Jubilo.


Etienne is also passionate about writing and arranging for small and large ensembles. He is mainly influenced by jazz writers Kenny Wheeler, Maria Schneider or Dave Holland, and classical composers Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. He arranged for the big band "L'Autre Big Band", Montauban's music high school, and for many one-shot occasions.


2019 : LP Elastic Borders - Etienne Manchon Trio - Label Troisième Face

2020 : EP Grand Forest Express - Etienne Manchon Trio - Label Troisième Face

2020 : LP Fragments - Yves Rousseau Septet - Label Yolk

2021 : LP Monday Morning Riot - Etienne Manchon/George Storey/Pierre Pollet - Label Fluffy Fox

2021 : LP Relief - Amandine Bontemps (en tant que directeur artistique) - Label Anima Nostra

2022 : LP Streets - Etienne Manchon Trio - Label Regarts

2022 : LP Frog’s Performance - Six for Six - Label Anima Nostra

2022 : EP Get Away - Meshaï - autoproduction

2023 : LP Joy - L'Autre Big Band - Label Fluffy Fox

2023 : LP Congé Spatial - Congé Spatial - Label Fluffy Fox

2024 : LP Huître en Peluche - La Pieuvre Irréfutable - Label Fluffy Fox

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